Glacier National Park Entrance

National Parks in America

National parks in the United States are vitally important to the past and future of our country. America’s national parks serve a number of important functions.


National parks protect and preserve some of America’s most beautiful and unique natural landscapes. 

They also protect vulnerable plants and animals inside the park which might otherwise be subject to displacement by development. 

Many of America’s national parks protect threatened and endangered species, along with wildlife habitats and ecosystems which would otherwise be at risk.

Education and research

National parks are important tools for education and research. Our parks give opportunities for people to learn about nature, and study the natural world, in ways which would never otherwise be possible. 

Our parks give us a deeper understanding of our environment and the impact of our human activities.

Recreational opportunities

America’s National parks provide an endless range of recreational opportunities, including:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • wildlife viewing
  • and more

Our parks allow people to connect with nature and to enjoy the great outdoors, even when they don’t have access to nature in their everyday lives.

Economic impact

National parks are important for America’s economy, especially many rural areas which otherwise do not have robust economic activity. 

National parks provide jobs and support local people and businesses and can generate significant revenue for their surrounding communities.

National parks are often major tourist destinations, and attract visitors from around the U.S., North America and even the world.

Cultural heritage

Many of our national parks protect important historical sites and landscapes which have important cultural significance.

Parks often give insight and appreciation into indigenous Native American cultures, the spirit of the American pioneer, and other important elements of our American history.

Our shared American heritage

Our national Parks are the collective heritage of all citizens of the United States and, and are a gift that America is proud to share with the world. 

We should be thankful for their existence, appreciative of their gifts, and vigilant to protect their future.