Park ranger in a Florida state park, or a national park in Florida

Parks in Florida

Florida is one of the most beautiful. Its environment is also one of the most fragile places on earth.

Thankfully some of the most delicate ecosystems are protected by parks and public protection, including national parks, state parks, and a variety of county parks and preserves.

In general, there are several main types of parks in Florida:

  • National Parks
  • State Parks
  • Local County and City Parks

In addition to parks, Florida is home to a number of national forests, state forests, and many other nature preservation areas.

In particular, State Parks in Florida help provide priceless “Environmental Services”, including natural habitat for Florida wildlife, and preserving natural ecosystems. 

National parks in Florida help protect historical sites, sensitive lands and priceless environmental areas.

National seashores help protect delicate beaches, estuaries, coastlines and other marine environments.

Many parks and natural areas are jointly administered by various agencies.

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